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WordPress is supported by a community of thousands who love to write excellent computer code, and contribute improvements, advice and tips. Unfortunately, the bad news about every Content Management Systems (CMS), including WordPress, is that bad people will try to gain access to it.

WordPress is generally safe and secure - but only if you keep it and its building blocks updated with their most current software. Let the software get out of date and you open yourself up to hackers, malware, and oodles and oodles of problems like Google marking your website with "This Site Might be Hacked."

So, Why Worry if One Click Updates Exist?

You can easily upgrade WordPress right from your WordPress administration dashboard. It appears that it will take only a few seconds to do the upgrade process.


Easy is not necessarily the best. Easy might save you pennies, but cost you thousands.

WordPress consists of a collection of software building blocks (addons) that must all communicate together. The problem with the one click upgrade process is that those building blocks, called plugins and themes, often conflict with the newest WordPress version (or each other) and your website or blog will then display errors or worse - a completely blank screen.

The only way to prevent this is to have a complete backup of your website's database and entire website files before beginning the upgrade process.

With a complete backup, you have the tools necessary to debug and fix anything that might go wrong during the upgrade. This might mean reverting back to an older version of the plugin until you can identify the problems - and - you have the files ready to reinstall just in case.

Let Us Worry For You

Let us take away the stress of having your website crash by having an expert upgrade WordPress for you.

We don't just hit update, we back up your database, files, and update WordPress and plugins one at a time. We check each plugin to make sure there are no issues and if something does happen to go wrong, we fix it.

When compatibility issues are likely, we "test drive" the completely upgraded website offline, or on a duplicate test website. This allows us to identify problems and correct them before your website becomes unavailable to your customers or search engines.

Our WordPress Experience?

Our projects have run from very simple and easy to self-manage blogs, to a fully customized real estate marketing system.

Every site owner has unique goals for their website’s design and capabilities. We are ready to help you understand your options, and the various tradeoffs in complexity and costs.

Let us know how we can help – as your dedicated WordPress consultant or just site planning and support when you need it.

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