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WordPress Support and Maintenance

Need a WordPress update? Someone to answer your how-to questions? Our support and maintenance contracts will help you keep your WordPress site up to date and secure, and keep our expert development and consulting services available for you to utilize when needed.

We recommend WordPress because it's so powerful and being continually improved by a vast community of skilled programmers. Collectively, they continue to improve and update the software at very fast rate. Their frequent functional and security updates are essential to keep your website safe, secure, and functioning efficiently.

Many WordPress website owners honestly plan to keep up with software updates, but all too often this fails to happen. Owners get caught up with the daily demands of business, life, and trying to publish current news. It becomes very easy to forget about vital housekeeping tasks like updating their website software or backing up all their content - leaving their website's system software vulnerable to hackers and hijackers.

WordPress is software just like on your desktop, tablet, or phone. It needs to be kept up to date regularly or it becomes vulnerable to broken functionality, hackers and Google warnings like "This Site Might be Hacked" - big reasons for your potential customers to avoid your website.

A WordPress maintenance contract gives you peace of mind, while protecting your online marketing efforts.

Our WordPress support and maintenance contracts are available in monthly, quarterly, or annual fee structures.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

  • WordPress support may include activities such as:
    • Basic code changes
    • Troubleshooting
    • One on one user training
    • Content updates
    • Plugin investigation and recommendations
    • Back ups
    • Software updates
  • WordPress core system updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Scheduled backups - WordPress system, plugins, themes, uploaded files, & database
  • Ongoing security oversight
  • Website uptime and traffic monitoring

Our WordPress Experience?

Our projects have run from very simple and easy to self-manage blogs, to a fully customized real estate marketing system.

Every site owner has unique goals for their website’s design and capabilities. We are ready to help you understand your options, and the various tradeoffs in complexity and costs.

Let us know how we can help – as your dedicated WordPress consultant or just site planning and support when you need it.

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