Marketing and Business Management Consulting
for When You Are Short of Cash, Time, or Know-How

John's Philosophy and Approach

You must succeed in order for me to be truly successful. Exceeding your expectations, and your satisfaction with my assistance, are the keys to my own success.

I use my talents in planning, organizing, anticipating, coordinating, problem finding, problem solving, looking at the whole picture, and asking "why?", to improve your business situation, to get more of whatever you seek, whether a specific business condition or an improvement in your personal life which results from some change in your business activities.

Some of the most important results clients often seek are:

Consulting is collaboration. It is through both our joint efforts that you will benefit most. A "meeting of minds" between us will generate the most effective solutions and an implementation that leads to the greatest improvements. Our relationship must be mutually rewarding in order for the collaboration to succeed.

Why I Offer A Free Consultation

I want your business. That's no surprise. But I hate selling. In fact, like most people, I need an ice-breaker.

My free initial consultation will let you to get to know me better. You won't need to worry about how much our meeting will cost you. And I wont worry about all the valuable advice I give away. So we can both relax and share ideas.

Then you'll see why other business owners continue to seek my business and marketing consulting services, and you will want to as well.

Like my other clients, once you get to know me, and I contribute to your success, I know you will never forget, and you will continue to seek my consulting services long into the future.

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