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"Consulting Project Histories"

John Rust specializes in advising owners and presidents of small and medium size firms. Whether you are just starting out, expanding, or having financial difficulties.

Projects Often Involve Many Talents

Production Capacity - Wire Harness Assembler:

Assembling wire harness bundles is extremely labor intensive. Certain machinery was identified as very cost effective in automating several operations. More importantly, production throughput and turnaround times were greatly improved. Within six months, production had increased fivefold thanks to a coordinated marketing program based on this new, fast turnaround, service capability.

Customer Satisfaction - Commercial Printer:

The introduction of a production scheduling and tracking system, plus reorganizing and training employees, boosted employee productivity from $58,000 sales per employee to $95,000. The major objective of fast, on-time, delivery was met when average turnaround time improved from 5 days to 2, and on-time delivery went from 75% to 99%.

Website Repair - Resort Lodging:

A website designer's strategic errors prevented search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo) from indexing and listing this lodging facility's website. The site's structure was revised and design errors corrected. Search engines immediately began indexing the entire website.

Product Marketing Plan - Electronics Manufacturer:

A focused marketing plan led to a product line simplification, which saved 20% on advertising and sales collateral costs, and allowed a 25% reduction in finished goods inventory. Market awareness was improved, and sales continued to climb to record levels.

Marketing & Product Development - Electronics Manufacturer:

A major new product idea had languished for several years in the engineering stage. There was no marketing coordination. Following a market research phase involving surveys and focus groups, management was convinced to proceed with a revised design. A new development team was created and within one year the new industrial design, engineering and tooling resulted in a much more salable product at a lower production cost.

Non-Profit Fundraising - Outdoor Recreation Trade Association:

After obtaining non-profit recognition for the trade association (501c6), a fundraising campaign was commenced that includes the creation of a 501c3 public charity subsidiary and development work with key foundation and corporate funders. Funds raised exceded all other programs, and into 2011 are still providing 20% of the organization's revenue.

Manpower Planning - Equipment Rentals:

Rapid growth in sales and the opening of new locations was straining this firm's ability to find good people and keep them focused on the same goals. A review showed a lack of job descriptions and sink-or-swim training for many management, sales and service positions. A manpower plan outlined the size of the problem, and directed the CEO to begin developing a comprehensive recruitment and training plan.

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