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"What Others Say About John Rust"

John Rust has a solid track record with loyal, satisfied, consulting clients and associates. Just listen to some of them:

"Creativity, dedication and high standards come to mind as qualities that I associate with John Rust. He is a professional in every sense and would be an asset to any organization."

Philip E. Spillane
General Manager
Super Spot Technologies

"John's professional approach and clearly stated objectives allowed us to achieve numerous promotional successes. He kept my staff focused and motivated ... Being intelligent, insightful, honorable, dedicated and interesting are qualities that have made John a unique colleague and friend."

Michael Lloyd
Lloyd and Clark Communications

"Last night's presentation on Website Marketing by John Rust was well attended and very informative. I attend very few presentations where I learn any useable 'real world' information, but last night I went home with several pages of notes and a new appreciation of what it takes to get a decent ranking for your website at Google."

Bob Hamer
Executive Director
Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce

"His ability to communicate at all levels within an organization enables him to quickly gain the support of colleagues and pull diverse staff members into cohesive teams ... [John Rust] brings a strength of character to any organization he is affiliated with that is based in honesty and integrity."

John A. Schultz

"John strives to understand all sides of an issue, gives careful consideration, and seeks a common solution. He has received our outstanding service award for his dedication and extensive contributions to our Association and to the guiding industry."

Don Helstrom
Maine Guides Association

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