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Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is the best choice if you want to edit your own web pages, add photos and news on a frequent basis, or incorporate your Social Media activity. Those tasks require a Content Management System (CMS), and WordPress is by far our primary recommendation for customers wanting those features.

Many top brands use WordPress to power their websites. In Maine, it is used by publishers like the Portland Press Herald and Bangor Daily News. Nationwide, users include: Time Magazine, The New York Times, and CNN.

Consider the following factors, and we think you will agree that WordPress is your best choice:

Most Popular
WordPress is used by nearly 30% of all websites worldwide. WordPress is used by millions of others like you, plus a worldwide network of programmers who are constantly contributing their skills to make the software better and more secure.
Easy to Use
It is easy for a small business owner to use. Anyone familiar with common word processing software, like Microsoft WORD, will find editing website pages quite easy. WordPress will even automatically resizes your photos to the perfect dimension needed by your site. For business owners or nonprofit organizations, this means you can easily find an employee or volunteer ready to take on your site's editing tasks.
Flexible and Powerful
The system is extremely flexible - Simple enough for a small business or personal website, yet powerful enough for a large publisher. You can enhance your website with thousands of building blocks that can be easily added to WordPress, with most being available for free.
The WordPress system is called "Open Source," meaning it is free for you to use and modify. Thousands of ready to use addons are also available for free.
Search Engine/Google Friendly
By design WordPress is very SEO friendly. You can make it even more SEO friendly by using a SEO addon. WordPress is written using high quality programming code and styling methods which make your site even more attractive to search engines.
Social Media Friendly
WordPress can incorporate many of your social media activities. This might include displaying your Facebook posts, adding a Facebook "Share" button, and even being able to post new content via email or with a social media management system.
Mobile Friendly
The "look" and style of a WordPress website is controlled by an addon called a "Theme." Today, themes are designed to give your website the best performance possible across all visitor devices - desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. There are thousands of ready to use Themes, with many available for free, and most others costing well under $100.

We are happy to explain more about why WordPress is the best choice for you, and why we use the WordPress platform as our main content management system (CMS).

Our WordPress Experience?

Our projects have run from very simple and easy to self-manage blogs, to a fully customized real estate marketing system.

Every site owner has unique goals for their website’s design and capabilities. We are ready to help you understand your options, and the various tradeoffs in complexity and costs.

Let us know how we can help – as your dedicated WordPress consultant or just site planning and support when you need it.

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