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for When You Are Short of Cash, Time, or Know-How

"Marketing & Websites:
Our Internet Consulting Services"

Websites don't bring you bundles of customers automatically. I wish they did. Life would be so simple.

Using the internet to find and sell to customers is extremely complex and competitive. But now that nearly 80% of the population use the internet to find new information it is critical that every business conquer this monster.

The truly wonderful news is that
even you can conquer the internet

Unfortunately, the internet is such a very vast and competitive market place that just having a website means almost nothing. It is only a start.

You need to place your website precisely where customers will find it - right in front of them!

If potential customers don't find your website instantly, they won't learn about you or your products. If your website is to slow to load, they won't wait to see your message. There are way too many competitors' sites ready and waiting for them to investigate.

Making sure that prospective customers
will find your website is what we do

Once a customer can find your website you still need to be sure that it will convince them to buy from you - not one of the thousands of other businesses they also find on the internet.

Making sure your website
convinces customers is what we do

Those two simple things make a huge difference.

If every small business person had the time, money and know-how, we wouldn't be around...and you wouldn't be reading this page! Fact is, getting customers to see your website and then convincing them to buy is very difficult, and fraught with pitfalls.

Don't get trapped

If you already have a website, did your designer make a technical error that is now costing you your long awaited success? Is your hosting company what it should be, or is it hurting you? Are you paying too much and not getting any results? Is your website convincing customers to buy, or is it turning them off?

You may not ever find answers to these questions. You may be OK. But if you're not happy with what your website does for you, then perhaps some of these questions need to be answered. I have had to fix all these issues and many more on other clients' websites.

Call us if you want some answers.

Our Website Marketing Services Include:

  • Website Strategy
  • Content Planning
  • Website Repairs
  • File Size Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Keyword Development
  • Search Engine Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Directory Listings
  • Link Popularity Campaigns
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Website Management
  • Hosting

A special note about our services:

  • Confidentiality - Because the internet is so competitive, our clients do not want to alert their competition to any special activity going on with their websites, or to teach others how to compete against them. Hence, we do not advertise or divulge the names of our clients. If you still feel the need for a reference after talking with us, we will then contact a client about talking with you.
  • Legitimacy - We use only legitimate techniques, whether for the website or the marketing approach. We do not advocate or use spamming techniques, nor will we provide our consulting services to anyone who is not totally up-front and legal on how they run their affairs. We believe that the best and most long lasting methods of achieving success is still hard work, not a quick fix, and we have found that this is still the best approach for your business website.

"Call Now to Arrange a Free Consultation"

Or click here to send me an E-mail, and I will call you. Let's get to know each other, and discuss some of your most pressing problems, during a brief, confidential, visit in your office. I will freely share my ideas with you, even though there is no charge for this meeting, and no obligation.

PS: Why I Offer A Free Consultation

I want your business. That's no surprise. But I hate selling. In fact, like most people, I need an ice-breaker.

My free initial consultation will let you to get to know me better. You won't need to worry about how much our meeting will cost you. And I wont worry about all the valuable advice I give away. So we can both relax and share ideas.

Then you'll see why other business owners continue to seek my business and marketing consulting services, and you will want to as well.

Like my other clients, once you get to know me, and I contribute to your success, I know you will never forget, and you will continue to seek my consulting services long into the future.

"Yes But, Here's that Old Catch"

Of course, neither you or I can afford to give away the store all the time. So I only make a limited number of free consultations each month. And I make them on a first come first serve basis. So the sooner you call, the sooner we can get together and start solving your problems.

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