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"Search Engine Copywriting"

John Rust Consulting is highly experienced in Search Engine Copywriting. It is one of our primary and most effective website marketing services. Writing your website's content must go beyond all the traditional marketing requirements such as getting attention, creating interest, motivating customers to make a decision and to take action (contact you and make a purchase). These are crucial once a customer finds your website and takes a look. But getting your website in front of a prospective customer will require several new aspects to your marketing program.

One major component of this is your website's listing on internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Buyers, your buyers, now use internet search engines over 80% of the time they search for new products and services. You must get these buyers to see your website. Period. That is the game today. And this game begins with search engine marketing - getting your website among the first sites shown by the search engines. Your marketing plan must now place a heavy emphasis search engine marketing.

Your website's written content will play three critical roles in getting your website in front of these hot prospects. First, adding useful, original, written content will not only help you with search engine marketing, it will help you establish credibility and trust with buyers. Written, or visual, information makes you look like an authority, and therefore someone to trust. In addition to providing interesting material to prospective customers, additional content gives search engines more information to read, and therefore more opportunities to show your site to buyers looking for what you offer.

Second, search engine copywriting is placing certain words (known as "keywords") into the written text and into certain page locations where search engine spiders will read the words and associate them with your marketing emphasis. The search engines will use your words and page arrangement to establish what you are all about, and to decide when to show your site to search users (who we hope to make our customers). So how the words are written into the page content is crucial in search engine marketing. When combined with other, more technical, components of your website, we call this search engine optimization.

Finally, having useful, original, written content will lead other website owners to add links to your site from theirs. They will do this only if they think their site's visitors will find your information useful and interesting. This can bring you more visitors. More importantly for your search engine marketing program, the search engines now take into consideration how many other sites link back to yours, and what those other site are about. This is called link popularity. In theory, having more sites point to you means that others recognize that you are an authority worth checking out - so the search engines will put your site closer to the top of the list.

With proper copywriting and content on your website, nearly all search customers arriving at your website will be looking for exactly what you have to sell. Unlike general media advertising where your ad is shown to many totally uninterested, and even unlikely, buyers, referrals from search engines are the most highly effective, targeted, marketing available. And they can come to you for free.

Search Engine Marketing:

As you can see, your website's content is written for two customers - the customer who will actually buy from you, and the search engine computers that will show your website to those potential buyers. Of course, the ultimate goal of search engine marketing, getting visitors from search engines and then turning them into buyers, is achieved through a combination of other techniques in addition to search engine copywriting.

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